Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather is coming!
Is there anything better?
Better than sweater are Neon Buddha jackets, pullovers and coats – our new collection just arrived… Also, check knitted tunics and blouses by Natalia Nesterova – sold at ArtQuest exclusively and … don’t forget a scarf from Benares
Colorful Scarves from Benares
Knitted Scarves from Natalya Nesterova
Neon Buddha Effortless Car Jacket
Neon Buddha Captivating Jacket
Knitted Dresses from Natalya Nesterova
Knitted Tunics from Natalya Nesterova
Ready for some fall weather?
So are we!!
 You are as beautiful as you feel.
Wear it. Live it.

Decorative boxes

This time we want to share with you a glimpse of our selection of boxes that are now available on our website!

Polish wooden boxes
Handcrafted in Poland, pine wood boxes with traditional designs burned into the wood and painted.

Handmade, unique boxes always make great gifts for women, who need to have a place to store jewelry, treasures, mementos etc. They are also lovely art pieces to look at. 

KopperWood Trinket Boxes
Created by Perry Holbrook, these beautiful boxes are truly unique!

Fathers will enjoy some of these boxes for storing their watches, jewelry or keepsakes, and appreciate the fine craftsmanship! And yes, Father’s Day is tomorrow!

Calan Originals Boxes
Handcrafted in Kentucky by Alan Hedgespeth beautiful wooden boxes.
Please take a look or come to ArtQuest to see more!


New in June at ArtQuets

It has been a very quiet June so far. Some say it already feels like August but we have been busy with opening all the boxes that keep coming. Our artists always make us astonished at their creativity and talent. We are happy to share with you the glimpses of what is happening here.

Beautiful organic jewelry from  Chicago born artist Leah Sturgis. 
Leah Sturgis organic jewelry
available on http://www.artquestgallery.com/category/leah-sturgis.html or in our store in Hinsdale


New Lazy Susan Turntables from Sticks
New Lazy Susan Turntables from Sticks
available on http://www.artquestgallery.com/category/lazy-susan.html or in our store in Hinsdale



Mullanium birds just flew in!
Mullanium Birds June 2015
soon available on http://www.artquestgallery.com
And last but not least!  Absolutely stunning glass ikebana from Karen Donleavy Studio.
Art of Ikebana
Available only in our store in Hinsdale.


McKenzie River Pottery at Washington, IL

On April 20 we made an exciting trip to Washington IL to meet with the ceramic artist Sandra McKenzie. She is a wonderful person and a very accomplished artist. In her cute little workshop we found a variety of ceramic creations, including functional vases, casseroles, bowls or keepsakes with adorable decorations showing different kinds of animals, vegetables and flowers. All is very unique and quirky. We enjoyed our time at McKenzie Studio very much and wanted to share these moments with you.











Please come to ArtQuest in Hinsdale to see many of these adorable items in real.

Timeless, artistically well rounded and stylish jewelry by Shari Dixon

Shari Dixon is a firm believer that women want to feel beautiful, feminine and strong all at once, her motifs incorporate natural elements and mixed media such as pressed flowers, leaves, herbs, snakeskin, serape blanket and feathers, immortalizing their fragile lives by sealing them in a poly resin, preserving the form and adding a spectacular glazing effect.




SHA-NecklacesBeautiful Botanicals featuring a variety of pressed flowers, leaves & herbs plus an array of interesting textures such as bark and python have made the Shari Dixon brand a fashion favorite.

These elements then become a handmade design combined with curious and daring color choices in a multitude
of natural stones, fresh water pearls and interesting fibers.
The results are whimsical and extremely unique designs of personal adornment.

New ideas for the coming Springtime

It’s February, the weather is as it is at this time of the year in Chicago
and that never makes us happy.

As always we anxiously look forward to Spring. Anna has been finding a new stuff
here and there…and we can’t wait one more second to show you.

We all love Maruca Design Bags! And all these fabulous fabrics!
We all love Maruca Design Bags! And all these fabulous fabrics!
 Neon Buddha new Spring Collection
Neon Buddha new Spring Collection
Jewelry from Blee Inara – new artist at ArtQuest!
Jewelry from Blee Inara – new artist at ArtQuest!
New artist at ArtQuest will have her trunk show very soon! All our friends are invited!
Takara will have her trunk show very soon!
All our friends are invited!

Anna is in Philadelphia on the art show http://www.pmacraftshow.org/artists
Can’t stand a wait what other unique pieces she’s going to find there!




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