Stunning Glass Artwork

glass heartSome of the most popular artwork we have at ArtQuest is the wide variety of beautiful hand-made art glass.The glass pieces are hand-crafted, and they are remarkable for their vibrant colors and patterns.

The pieces are placed throughout the store to show off their individual coloring.

Fire and Light and Barrick Candles

Fire and Light GlassFire & Light colored glassware is a product whose history is a kind of future, where age-old craftsmanship meets innovative manufacturing, utilizing post consumer glass as a resource.

But it’s the beauty that will get you, the twinkle of light on the surface of a watery blue bowl, and the knowledge that we get as much happiness out of making the colored glass bowl as you will from having it on your table.


Blenko GlassLocated in Milton, WV Blenko Glass is an American institution and has been in business since 1893. For over 100 years Blenko has maintained and carry on the tradition of hand making glassware in America.


Congratulate the Grads!

Sticks plaqueGraduation is a special time of gratitude, thanks and commemoration. It’s a look to the future by pausing to reflect on the past. It’s an opportunity to thank graduates for their hard work, as well as the people who helped them along the way.

Cap off the proud moment with the perfect graduation gift or thoughtful gift for their teachers.

Inspirational plaques from Sticks and Vintage Girl Design


Vintage Girl Design - Climb   Sticks Plaque Life is Adventure

Wooden blocks, magnets and cards from Curly Girl Designs

  Curly Girl Design Graduation  Curly Girl Teacher

Bits and pieces

Reach for the stars alarm clock       Beth Muller Small Vase Imagine      

    Maruca Designs

Artsy Mom? Treat her with something meaningful and unique!

Betsy Wolfson Clay Art, One of a kind plaqueIt’s hard to pick out gifts for your artsy mom, right? When you’re shopping for a person who seems to have impeccable taste, and an eye for the best, it’s a little intimidating to find a gift she won’t want to return or bury at the back of her closet.                                                      But fret not, because we’ve got you covered.

Check out these gift ideas for this very special person in your life who always has a creative idea in her head and a few projects in progress.

Artistic jewelry

Leah Sturgis Mother of Perl Urchin PendantShari Dixon Natural Plants Jewelry          Sally Jean Vintage Jewelry

Ricardo Marzi Tuscan tableware

Ricardo Marzi Tuscan tableware  Tuscan tableware

Wind chimes with ceramic animals, drift wood and bells

Potters Studio Wind ChimesCeramic Cardinal - Wind Chime

Sticks One of a Kind Art

Sticks 7x7 wooden plaque Sticks one of a kind mantel clock Sticks 20" Lazy Susan

Blenko Hand made glassware

Blenko Functional GlasswareBlenko Functional GlasswareBlenko Functional Glassware

Plaques, cards, picture frames and more…

Vintage Girl Curly Girl Wooden BlockMercer Lane hand made picture frames

Hand made in USA – clay wind chimes are great for gardens

New collection of these wonderful ceramic wind chimes is available at ArtQuest Gallery in Hinsdale and on-line!

Perfect gift on Mother’s or Father’s Day!
Cardinal Ceramic Wind Chime
Single or triple cardinal wind chime with driftwood, beads and ceramic bell
Crow Wind Chime
Single blue crow on driftwood with ceramic bell.
Dove wind chime
Single dove with driftwood, beads and ceramic bell.
Kitten wind chime
Yellow Kitten on driftwood with ceramic beads and a bell.
Frog wind chime
Green Frog on driftwood with glazed ceramic bell
Ceramic trout wind chime
Ceramic trout on driftwood with ceramic bell.
Chickadee wind chime
Chickadee on driftwood with beads, cone and ceramic bell.
Rooster wind chime
Rooster on driftwood with ceramic beads, cone and bell. Copper leaf on the bottom. Available single or with a hen.
Hen and Rooster wind chime
Hen and Rooster with driftwood, ceramic beads, cone and bell. See the rooster above.
Pelican wind chime
Pelican with driftwood, ceramic beads, shell and bell.

ArtQuest Spring Calendar

April 28 to 30, 2016 – Our 17th Anniversary Event

Anniversary 2016
Celebrate with us !

May 12 – Mother’s Day

Skip the malls and come up with something original.
We have gifts for any budget!

Ricardo Marzi unique and functional bowls and kitchen accessories
Ricardo Marzi unique and functional bowls and kitchen accessories
Hand Made Jewelry
Jewelry, Shari Dixon
Beautiful pottery from Campbell
Beautiful pottery from Campbell












And there is more and more… and we are here to help and wrap everything nicely!

Boho Style Hippie Clothes

Motivated by a love of music, travel and the bohemian lifestyle…

…the women’s bohemian style dresses, hippie skirts, tops and pants that say artistic and individual freedom – peace and love – to make your boho chic look!

Convertible Skirt-Dress
Cotton striped steam convertible skirt/dress. This strapless dress features layers in the back. This versatile piece can be worn both as a dress and a skirt. Available at ArtQuest, black/white; $68.-
Cotton Over Pass Dress
Cotton Over Pass Dress. Available at ArtQuest in black, $32.-
Cotton lycra 3/4 spicy pants
Cotton lycra three quarter-length “spicy” pants will elongate your legs and accentuate your curves. They pair great with a basic tee for an everyday outfit or a blazer for a more polished look. Available at ArtQuest in black, $42.-




Viscose Two Layered Tank Top
Viscose Two Layered Tank Top. Wonderful on those long nature hikes, runs on the beach, or walks down the street. The viscose allows your skin to feel the breeze. Available at ArtQuest in black, $38.-
















These clothes come from Fair Trade and Eco-friendly clothing producer.  Know with total confidence the garments you buy are improving the life of women and children in developing countries for a fair wage with the Fair Trade business practices.

These inexpensive Boho Style Hippie Clothes now available in our store in Hinsdale!

Getting ready for spring

@ArtQuest our thoughts are turning to refreshing our homes and gardens.

Here is our collection of functional glass  from Amalia Fleisher’s Sand and Water studio that will surely add a fresh look to kitchens and dining tables. Garden parties will be unforgettable, tasty salads and fruits will be served, flowers will smell and sun will shine….
All available in our store and on-line!

Amalia Fleisher Bowls
Hand painted glass bowls in Forest Glen
Butter dish and salt and pepper shakers in Ocean Breeze
Butter dish and salt and pepper shakers in Ocean Breeze
Butter dish and salt and pepper shakers in Forest Glen
Butter dish and salt and pepper shakers in Forest Glen



Amalia Fleisher Glass
Recycled bottle turns amazingly into a beautiful vase ready to fill with fresh spring flowers!























Eco Friendly Birdhouses are back at ArtQuest!
They will attract all small cavity nesters, such as house wrens, Carolina wrens, tufted titmice, nuthatches & house finches.  They will enhance your landscape & enrich your life with beautiful song. 
Functional Birdhouses
All houses are made from sustainably harvested wood, primarily from storm damaged trees.
Happy Spring!