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New in June at ArtQuets

It has been a very quiet June so far. Some say it already feels like August but we have been busy with opening all the boxes that keep coming. Our artists always make us astonished at their creativity and talent. We are happy to share with you the glimpses of what is happening here.

Beautiful organic jewelry from  Chicago born artist Leah Sturgis. 
Leah Sturgis organic jewelry
available on http://www.artquestgallery.com/category/leah-sturgis.html or in our store in Hinsdale


New Lazy Susan Turntables from Sticks
New Lazy Susan Turntables from Sticks
available on http://www.artquestgallery.com/category/lazy-susan.html or in our store in Hinsdale



Mullanium birds just flew in!
Mullanium Birds June 2015
soon available on http://www.artquestgallery.com
And last but not least!  Absolutely stunning glass ikebana from Karen Donleavy Studio.
Art of Ikebana
Available only in our store in Hinsdale.


The Mullanium Birds

JIM and TORI MULLAN share their fascination of birds, nature, and antiques. These objects are present in their vast collection of vintage hardware, bird carvings and watches which fill up a 3300 square foot studio in Pompano Beach, Florida. Tori and Jim’s collections of jewelry, boxes, mirrors and bird sculptures can be found in over 1000 galleries, museum stores and specialty stores worldwide.

Here is our current collection of these unique birds… 

Mullanium Cardinal-1 on Wheels
Mullanium Bird on the Green Cricket Ball
Mullanium Bird on the Orange Cricket Ball
Mullanium Cardinal-2 on Wheels
Mullanium Cardinal-2 on Wheels
Mullanium Crow on Wheels
Mullanium Bird on Wheels
Mullanium Blue Bird on Wheels