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Recent Art and Gift Shows

We are back from two very successful gift shows: in New York and in Philadelphia.

Oh, what products we found…
all kinds of newness for the whole year ahead!

Laser-cut bowls Decorative glass objects for garden

Laser-cut bowls and coasters. Decorative glass objects for the garden.

Glass object art Glass object art Italy

Glass from Dutch and Italian designers.

 Cork Purses  Cork purses

Bags and purses made from cork. American made.

Happy Bunny Swedish dishcloths

Happy Bunny and Swedish dishcloths. Sweet little gifts.

Glass Birds  Glass Decoration  Unique glass

More glass object art….

hand made ceramic mugs  ceramics by Kara Lynn  ceramic art

New ceramic art.

Bibelot Creators  Janna Ugone  MM Wellsandt

Our artists: Bibelot, Ugone and MM Welsandt.

there’s much more to the story.
We found new gems throughout the shows . . .
jewelry, purses, glass, ceramics, wood, candles, and other home goods.

delivery is now through October!

Memorial Day weekend is around the corner!

Sticks Flag I pledge alliegance
I pledge allegiance – American Flag from Sticks

Memorial Day weekend
is certainly a time to remember those who have fought and given their all for the freedoms that so many enjoy. It’s also a time that families and friends tend to gather and enjoy time together.

Here is our collection of unique decoration to make this special day even more festive.

Hand painted metal on magnets – American Flag and Sam – boy with flag from Carol Roeda Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

American Flag - Hand painted metal on magnets from Carol Roeda Studio in MichiganSam - Boy with Flag from Carol Roeda Studio in Michigan

Artwork from Sticks. Wooden plaques 7″ x 7″.

Proud to be free Sticks PlaqueAs American as American Pie Sticks Plaque






Chess Set “Democrats vs. Republicans”

Chess Set Democrats vs. Republicans - Artwork from Sticks

  Celebrate Memorial Day with American art!

Last works of Sandra McKenzie

We received a final shipment of pottery from Sandra McKenzie Studio in Washington, Illinois.

After 42 years,  with mixture of joy and sadness Sandra closed her gallery. We are fortunate to have a few casseroles, small baskets, cookie jars and a few small rabbits…. perfect Easter addition.
This large casserole measures 9″ in diameter and is 3.5″ deep.
Sandra McKenzie_Two bunnies on top
Casserole with two bunnies – 9.5″in diameter and 3.5″ deep
Sandra McKenzie-Bunny on top
This medium casserole measures 8″ i diameter and is 4.5″ deep.


As the days become short and chilly we need to look at the bright side of life!
At ArtQuest we always have ideas of making even the rainy and windy days cheerful.  Get some of these sweet little Plush Pumpkins add a Meadowbrooke Gourd or Barrick candle. Make your day happy and bright!
Autumn Decor 2015
                                                               Wide selection of home decor for Fall.
Woof N' Poof Owls
Owls from Woof N’ Poof collection
Plush Pumpkin
Plush Pumpkins, Clay Rabbit Pootery, Meadowbrooke Gourd with light inside

Decorative boxes

This time we want to share with you a glimpse of our selection of boxes that are now available on our website!

Polish wooden boxes
Handcrafted in Poland, pine wood boxes with traditional designs burned into the wood and painted.

Handmade, unique boxes always make great gifts for women, who need to have a place to store jewelry, treasures, mementos etc. They are also lovely art pieces to look at. 

KopperWood Trinket Boxes
Created by Perry Holbrook, these beautiful boxes are truly unique!

Fathers will enjoy some of these boxes for storing their watches, jewelry or keepsakes, and appreciate the fine craftsmanship! And yes, Father’s Day is tomorrow!

Calan Originals Boxes
Handcrafted in Kentucky by Alan Hedgespeth beautiful wooden boxes.
Please take a look or come to ArtQuest to see more!


McKenzie River Pottery at Washington, IL

On April 20 we made an exciting trip to Washington IL to meet with the ceramic artist Sandra McKenzie. She is a wonderful person and a very accomplished artist. In her cute little workshop we found a variety of ceramic creations, including functional vases, casseroles, bowls or keepsakes with adorable decorations showing different kinds of animals, vegetables and flowers. All is very unique and quirky. We enjoyed our time at McKenzie Studio very much and wanted to share these moments with you.











Please come to ArtQuest in Hinsdale to see many of these adorable items in real.

The Mullanium Birds

JIM and TORI MULLAN share their fascination of birds, nature, and antiques. These objects are present in their vast collection of vintage hardware, bird carvings and watches which fill up a 3300 square foot studio in Pompano Beach, Florida. Tori and Jim’s collections of jewelry, boxes, mirrors and bird sculptures can be found in over 1000 galleries, museum stores and specialty stores worldwide.

Here is our current collection of these unique birds… 

Mullanium Cardinal-1 on Wheels
Mullanium Bird on the Green Cricket Ball
Mullanium Bird on the Orange Cricket Ball
Mullanium Cardinal-2 on Wheels
Mullanium Cardinal-2 on Wheels
Mullanium Crow on Wheels
Mullanium Bird on Wheels
Mullanium Blue Bird on Wheels