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Artwork meant to be noticed


When your wall needs something special, something that illustrates your personality, something that uniquely represents your home, and, on a more practical side, something that fits the space well, you may consider using the very distinctive art of weaving.

One of a kind tapestryApple Tree by Joseph Jakubczyk.
39″ x 52″ handwoven,
82% wool, 18% flax



Whether your taste is rustic or rather more contemporary, you may think of adding flat woven rugs to your space.

Flat woven reversible rug

Anemones, flat woven, reversible rug 67″ x 94″ , 82% wool, 18% flax,   $740.- 


Find them right here at ArtQuest: reclaimed wood tables and benches from Sarreid or . wine barrel tables and stools from 2-Day Designs

Reclaimed Wood - Console Table and Bench

With this ranch dining table and bench, you get a solid walnut top and a metalwork base in a natural antique finish.
72″w x 40″d x 30″h 

Wine Barrel tables and stools 

These side or bar tables and bar stools are made from
recycled wine barrel staves and lids and hand forged
wrought iron. Finished with natural oak stain.
Add Barrick Design candles, Lisa Elias candle holders,
and Mary Melinda Wellsandt glass and you have a
perfect evening scenery!


Decorate your table with Ekelund runners or Polish Kilim depending on your preferences.

Ekelund towels and runners     Polish Kilim

Glass Object ArtAdd Fire and Light or Blenko functional glass object art.  Barrick Candles

Place Barrick candles on glass or metal candle
holders and stands.

Polish Pottery   Table decoration

You may add Amalia Fleisher hand painted table art or exchange glass with ceramic pieces from Polish Pottery or Sandra McKenzie unique stoneware.

Now you have your space unique, yet cozy and functional!

Memorial Day weekend is around the corner!

Sticks Flag I pledge alliegance
I pledge allegiance – American Flag from Sticks

Memorial Day weekend
is certainly a time to remember those who have fought and given their all for the freedoms that so many enjoy. It’s also a time that families and friends tend to gather and enjoy time together.

Here is our collection of unique decoration to make this special day even more festive.

Hand painted metal on magnets – American Flag and Sam – boy with flag from Carol Roeda Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

American Flag - Hand painted metal on magnets from Carol Roeda Studio in MichiganSam - Boy with Flag from Carol Roeda Studio in Michigan

Artwork from Sticks. Wooden plaques 7″ x 7″.

Proud to be free Sticks PlaqueAs American as American Pie Sticks Plaque






Chess Set “Democrats vs. Republicans”

Chess Set Democrats vs. Republicans - Artwork from Sticks

  Celebrate Memorial Day with American art!

Last works of Sandra McKenzie

We received a final shipment of pottery from Sandra McKenzie Studio in Washington, Illinois.

After 42 years,  with mixture of joy and sadness Sandra closed her gallery. We are fortunate to have a few casseroles, small baskets, cookie jars and a few small rabbits…. perfect Easter addition.
This large casserole measures 9″ in diameter and is 3.5″ deep.
Sandra McKenzie_Two bunnies on top
Casserole with two bunnies – 9.5″in diameter and 3.5″ deep
Sandra McKenzie-Bunny on top
This medium casserole measures 8″ i diameter and is 4.5″ deep.

New in June at ArtQuets

It has been a very quiet June so far. Some say it already feels like August but we have been busy with opening all the boxes that keep coming. Our artists always make us astonished at their creativity and talent. We are happy to share with you the glimpses of what is happening here.

Beautiful organic jewelry from  Chicago born artist Leah Sturgis. 
Leah Sturgis organic jewelry
available on or in our store in Hinsdale


New Lazy Susan Turntables from Sticks
New Lazy Susan Turntables from Sticks
available on or in our store in Hinsdale



Mullanium birds just flew in!
Mullanium Birds June 2015
soon available on
And last but not least!  Absolutely stunning glass ikebana from Karen Donleavy Studio.
Art of Ikebana
Available only in our store in Hinsdale.


McKenzie River Pottery at Washington, IL

On April 20 we made an exciting trip to Washington IL to meet with the ceramic artist Sandra McKenzie. She is a wonderful person and a very accomplished artist. In her cute little workshop we found a variety of ceramic creations, including functional vases, casseroles, bowls or keepsakes with adorable decorations showing different kinds of animals, vegetables and flowers. All is very unique and quirky. We enjoyed our time at McKenzie Studio very much and wanted to share these moments with you.











Please come to ArtQuest in Hinsdale to see many of these adorable items in real.

Timeless, artistically well rounded and stylish jewelry by Shari Dixon

Shari Dixon is a firm believer that women want to feel beautiful, feminine and strong all at once, her motifs incorporate natural elements and mixed media such as pressed flowers, leaves, herbs, snakeskin, serape blanket and feathers, immortalizing their fragile lives by sealing them in a poly resin, preserving the form and adding a spectacular glazing effect.




SHA-NecklacesBeautiful Botanicals featuring a variety of pressed flowers, leaves & herbs plus an array of interesting textures such as bark and python have made the Shari Dixon brand a fashion favorite.

These elements then become a handmade design combined with curious and daring color choices in a multitude
of natural stones, fresh water pearls and interesting fibers.
The results are whimsical and extremely unique designs of personal adornment.