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Variety of different pottery styles and colors made by artisans from California, Oregon,Colorado, Kentucky, Texas and Poland. Functional pottery and decorative garden sculptures, garden bells, vases and whimsical figurines.

Recent Art and Gift Shows

We are back from two very successful gift shows: in New York and in Philadelphia.

Oh, what products we found…
all kinds of newness for the whole year ahead!

Laser-cut bowls Decorative glass objects for garden

Laser-cut bowls and coasters. Decorative glass objects for the garden.

Glass object art Glass object art Italy

Glass from Dutch and Italian designers.

 Cork Purses  Cork purses

Bags and purses made from cork. American made.

Happy Bunny Swedish dishcloths

Happy Bunny and Swedish dishcloths. Sweet little gifts.

Glass Birds  Glass Decoration  Unique glass

More glass object art….

hand made ceramic mugs  ceramics by Kara Lynn  ceramic art

New ceramic art.

Bibelot Creators  Janna Ugone  MM Wellsandt

Our artists: Bibelot, Ugone and MM Welsandt.

there’s much more to the story.
We found new gems throughout the shows . . .
jewelry, purses, glass, ceramics, wood, candles, and other home goods.

delivery is now through October!

Artwork meant to be noticed


When your wall needs something special, something that illustrates your personality, something that uniquely represents your home, and, on a more practical side, something that fits the space well, you may consider using the very distinctive art of weaving.

One of a kind tapestryApple Tree by Joseph Jakubczyk.
39″ x 52″ handwoven,
82% wool, 18% flax



Whether your taste is rustic or rather more contemporary, you may think of adding flat woven rugs to your space.

Flat woven reversible rug

Anemones, flat woven, reversible rug 67″ x 94″ , 82% wool, 18% flax,   $740.- 


Find them right here at ArtQuest: reclaimed wood tables and benches from Sarreid or . wine barrel tables and stools from 2-Day Designs

Reclaimed Wood - Console Table and Bench

With this ranch dining table and bench, you get a solid walnut top and a metalwork base in a natural antique finish.
72″w x 40″d x 30″h 

Wine Barrel tables and stools 

These side or bar tables and bar stools are made from
recycled wine barrel staves and lids and hand forged
wrought iron. Finished with natural oak stain.
Add Barrick Design candles, Lisa Elias candle holders,
and Mary Melinda Wellsandt glass and you have a
perfect evening scenery!


Decorate your table with Ekelund runners or Polish Kilim depending on your preferences.

Ekelund towels and runners     Polish Kilim

Glass Object ArtAdd Fire and Light or Blenko functional glass object art.  Barrick Candles

Place Barrick candles on glass or metal candle
holders and stands.

Polish Pottery   Table decoration

You may add Amalia Fleisher hand painted table art or exchange glass with ceramic pieces from Polish Pottery or Sandra McKenzie unique stoneware.

Now you have your space unique, yet cozy and functional!

Hand made in USA – clay wind chimes are great for gardens

New collection of these wonderful ceramic wind chimes is available at ArtQuest Gallery in Hinsdale and on-line!

Perfect gift on Mother’s or Father’s Day!
Cardinal Ceramic Wind Chime
Single or triple cardinal wind chime with driftwood, beads and ceramic bell
Crow Wind Chime
Single blue crow on driftwood with ceramic bell.
Dove wind chime
Single dove with driftwood, beads and ceramic bell.
Kitten wind chime
Yellow Kitten on driftwood with ceramic beads and a bell.
Frog wind chime
Green Frog on driftwood with glazed ceramic bell
Ceramic trout wind chime
Ceramic trout on driftwood with ceramic bell.
Chickadee wind chime
Chickadee on driftwood with beads, cone and ceramic bell.
Rooster wind chime
Rooster on driftwood with ceramic beads, cone and bell. Copper leaf on the bottom. Available single or with a hen.
Hen and Rooster wind chime
Hen and Rooster with driftwood, ceramic beads, cone and bell. See the rooster above.
Pelican wind chime
Pelican with driftwood, ceramic beads, shell and bell.

We’ve been busy!

Spring is coming!

… and with it new stunning deliveries come one by one. We’ve been busy opening boxes and placing new items in the store. Here are a few of our new goods.

Polish Pottery 2016
New designs from Polish Pottery
Copper cauldrons, vases, pails, pitchers. Hand made in Turkey. Great for your yard or porch!
Wooden signs from Cousin Farm, Wisconsin! Great gift for family or friends!
Wooden signs from Cousin Farm, Wisconsin! Great gift for family or friends!
Bird house
Made in Kentucky fully functional bird houses. They really attract birds!