Memorial Day weekend is around the corner!

Sticks Flag I pledge alliegance
I pledge allegiance – American Flag from Sticks

Memorial Day weekend
is certainly a time to remember those who have fought and given their all for the freedoms that so many enjoy. It’s also a time that families and friends tend to gather and enjoy time together.

Here is our collection of unique decoration to make this special day even more festive.

Hand painted metal on magnets – American Flag and Sam – boy with flag from Carol Roeda Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

American Flag - Hand painted metal on magnets from Carol Roeda Studio in MichiganSam - Boy with Flag from Carol Roeda Studio in Michigan

Artwork from Sticks. Wooden plaques 7″ x 7″.

Proud to be free Sticks PlaqueAs American as American Pie Sticks Plaque






Chess Set “Democrats vs. Republicans”

Chess Set Democrats vs. Republicans - Artwork from Sticks

  Celebrate Memorial Day with American art!

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