Boho Style Hippie Clothes

Motivated by a love of music, travel and the bohemian lifestyle…

…the women’s bohemian style dresses, hippie skirts, tops and pants that say artistic and individual freedom – peace and love – to make your boho chic look!

Convertible Skirt-Dress
Cotton striped steam convertible skirt/dress. This strapless dress features layers in the back. This versatile piece can be worn both as a dress and a skirt. Available at ArtQuest, black/white; $68.-
Cotton Over Pass Dress
Cotton Over Pass Dress. Available at ArtQuest in black, $32.-
Cotton lycra 3/4 spicy pants
Cotton lycra three quarter-length “spicy” pants will elongate your legs and accentuate your curves. They pair great with a basic tee for an everyday outfit or a blazer for a more polished look. Available at ArtQuest in black, $42.-




Viscose Two Layered Tank Top
Viscose Two Layered Tank Top. Wonderful on those long nature hikes, runs on the beach, or walks down the street. The viscose allows your skin to feel the breeze. Available at ArtQuest in black, $38.-
















These clothes come from Fair Trade and Eco-friendly clothing producer.  Know with total confidence the garments you buy are improving the life of women and children in developing countries for a fair wage with the Fair Trade business practices.

These inexpensive Boho Style Hippie Clothes now available in our store in Hinsdale!

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