New addition of furniture at ArtQuest

We are very happy to offer new collection of unique home furnishing!

For those looking for a little something different, we offer this new collection of tables and stools made out of authentic recycled wine barrels. All pieces were crafted with the highest quality standards from start to finish.

Wine Barrel Side Table
Wine Barrel Side Table with shelf. Features stave legs, a stamped wine barrel top and heavy wrought iron support ring and braces. A perfect, mid height feature table.
Pine. 28″ x 23″ x 23″
28" Barrel Top Side Table
Barrel Top Side Table.
Pine. 28″ x 22″ x 22″





Stave Server
Stave Server.
Pine. 5″ x 17″ x 8″


Daisy Stave Stool
24″ Stool made from recycled wine barrel staves and hand forged wrought iron. The swivel top is made from rough saw pine with a wine barrel ring on the base.

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